Eva Michalaki

| 1975 Athens, Greece
| contact:
| www: http://evaluna.info

2003 - 04: MSc Design & Digital Media, Edinburgh University, Architecture Department, UK
2001 - 03: MA in Digital Arts, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, GR
1994 - 99: BA University degree in Fine Arts, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, GR
1996 - 98: Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (ENSB-A) France
1993 - 94: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Fine Arts, Visual and Applied Arts, Thessaloniki, GR

Selected exhibitions
05:00-06:00, 06:00-07:00, 07:00-08:00, video, city one minutes, http://www.cityoneminutes.org, NL
le petit chaperon rouge, installation-video-performance, arcade project, stoa aeschylou, nicosia, CY [S]
Kloveniersburgwal, video, Periscope, Festival 0, 4th video screening festival, Kalamata, GR
pet alarm-clock, installation, AUXLANG, solution temporary project space, Athens, GR
[WO+MAN=?]2, print, Darkcell records, open horizons foundations, Athens, GR
Ik hou van je maar ik verdien je niet, installation, Kafeneon project space, Athens, GR [S]
58ºN2ºW (Orkney) + 56ºN3ºW (firth of forth), video, Le Silo, betonsalon, Paris, FR
.it journal, drawings, cheap art 13, Athens, GR
gold lotuses, video, feet, B.I.G. project space
Emergency room, Ileana Tounta contemporary art centre, Athens, GR
existing space, video installation, motel Xenia, Olympia, GR
freefall, video animation, parallel worlds , Festival 0 - 3rd video screening festival, Kalamata, GR
.is 65N14W, Lightboxes installation, NOMAD'S Festival, Cultural centre 'Hellenic cosmos', Athens, GR
.nl journal, travel journal/book, www.inhalexhale.org, NL
, video installation, 4th dimension -Time in Art, Art Studios- Former Spiroudis military camp, Athens, GR
EU-06, mixed technique, ERforS 4: Europe 2006 Enough room for space, Booze Cooperativa | Artfactory, Athens, GR
71 Different, photo installation, Music Arts Dance Festival, Cultural centre 'Hellenic cosmos', Athens, GR
WormView + Favisme, photo installation, Image - Space - Action, Chamber of Arts, Athens, GR (catalogue)
Thresholds fetish
, cd-rom presentation, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, U.K.
ChangED04, interactive installation, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, U.K.
Favism project, video, dialogues 2004, The Bongo club, Edinburgh, U.K.
Favism Project
, video installation, ASFA Digital-Arts, Athens, GR
worm-view 01, photo installation, Lentzos Contemporary Art, Athens, GR [S]
WormView + Favism, photo installation + cd-rom, 11th Biennale of young artists, Athens, GR (catalogue, cd-rom)
x-party, video installation for the dance company Choreftes, Modus Vivendi, Topos Allou theatre, Athens, GR
Party-X-trap, cd-rom presentation, digi01, Epi Kolono Theater, Athens, GR (cd-rom)
Party-X-trap, On-line exhibition, Whitney Biennale, www.whitneybiennial.com
WormView, print, TOXIC, DESTE Foundation, Athens, GR
Untitled, engraving, A' Greek engraving Triennale, Pieridis Art Gallery, Athens, GR
work on process
, prints installation, On the spot, Nees Morfes, Athens, GR
Apollo + Phantomime
, photo installation, Art gallery Eos, Athens, GR [S]
Phantomime, photo installation presentation, GERMINATION 2000, Domaine de Kerguehennec, Britany, FR
Untitled, photos, Visual arts event, UNESCO - centre Louis-Francois, Troyes, FR
Art&Glory + AVA, computer installation, Connections Implicites, Paris, FR
Portes, photo installation, OPTIMISTE, Carreau des Arts, Cergy Pantoise, FR
Vue de Paris, photo installation, Galerie Gauche, Paris, FR [S]
Installations Mobiles, installation, Tribal, Hotel Carolina, Athens, GR
Mobiles, installation, Art Booze, Athens, GR

2005 Leogrant SummArt painter campus II, Summa organization | Chisinau, MD
1999 GERMINATION 2000 workshop, domaine de kerguehennec, Britany, FR

2001 Omonia square constructions site Christmas spirits in Nikos' Charalambidis The Rumbling Museum is a Rubbling Museum is a Rambling Museum (performer)

2006 Time Based Arts, catalogue, GR
2006 WormView, Image-Space-Action, catalogue, GR
2005 Leogrant SummArt painter campus II, catalogue, MD
2003 11th Biennale of young artists, catalogue, GR
2002 WormView01, catalogue, GR
1999 Group show Graduation Class 1999, catalogue, GR

2005 Leogrant SummArt painter campus II, Summa organization, Chisinau, MD
1999 GERMINATION 2000, Brittany, FR

1997 IKY scholarship for the Socrates-Erasmus exchange programme, Athens, GR

1998 Award granted by UNESCO, Centre Louis-Francois, Troyes, FR


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