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My work is characterized by my fascination for image - moving + still - which traces situations, mostly personal as fragments of a manipulated storytelling.

Starting out from depending solely on photos to create my spaces/environments, I now tend to utilise the actual images less in the final stage of each work. There are always images initially but then, in my recent work, I mostly use them as departure point for my travel books that set the final synaesthetic frame. By making installations, I create an inviting environment for the audience to spend time in, and share experiences, fill the space in order to complete my stories. The audience is editing the stories which are given as material.

I have a continuous obsession for collecting images, hanging/balancing objects (mobiles), making travel journals and configuring spaces. My recent work . is01 comes to combine all these media. The installation consists of two video projections and 5 small books hanging from the ceiling on cables   interchanging with the video. The projections and the floor pillows make the space welcoming for the audience to sit down and read the travel journals sharing memories on a personal level. The projections although with sound, give out the impression silence. The books text provide the sound for the shown images.

“If you engage in travel you will arrive” Ibn Arabi

I have always been enchanted in travelling and capturing scenes/photos in non-familiar spaces. This gives a carte postale impression containing the time factor. My work turns into trip and trips into. Blurred scenes taken from a car in motion underline the passive view of a constantly changing landscape that evolves into a state of emotional load and subjective reality, bringing into frame personal experiences. Analysing and observing the A-to-B-travel state and the transitional space into site-specific work.

In my journals I form maps of people, weaving their lifelines using objectivity and subjectivity as a passage in place and time. People play the role of witnesses; collected small elements, from each different place, work as evidence/traces of me being there.


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