Tinos | dry, beaches, churches, cloisters, space landscapes, frog's croaks at night, cars coming from pitch black, stars, clear waters, rocks, white houses, windmills, marble, marble mountains, green, pink, white,Panormos, amazing views, mushroom rock formations, gravel, more cloisters, little ports, 'monster' goats at night, Remco, cool water, sand, sculptures, Pirgos, other villages, nice sweets, excellent food, traditional wedding, Antonis, boat, sunset, the mad guy teasing Alex, everybody knows we are here, vacations, sleep under the sun, milkshakes, local dogs, the village called love 'agapi', pity Roderick and Debbie had to go, marble over the doors, marble tables, isolated beaches, painted wooden tables next to the sea, Volax
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