- Eva Michalaki

.is-01 [ Video installation, Art Studios - Former Spiroudis military camp, Athens, Greece, 2006]

.is-01 is a part of the .is project. The underlying idea of .is-01 is a personal time-through-travel interpretation and deals with the transmission from A to B. It refers to the subjective reality, transitional time and space. The travelers view translates personal emotions into an artwork. Landscapes projected to a totally different location, producing a different kind of meaning.

.is-01 is dealing with the following questions: multi-layered context
How does the audience react to the unexpected confrontation with the intimacy of the subject, how it perceives .is-01 on a personal level and when are the boundaries crossed between the actors and the subjects interpretation of the images?


Technical details:
2 projectors | 2 DVD players | 2 speakers |

space size: 5 x 5 m | 2 projections: 200 x 160cm | video (DVD) length: 01'09'' (colour, sound) and 13'33'' (colour, sound) | 5 black pillows 60 x 60cm | 5 books hanging from the ceiling with cable

Further alterations depend on the site and its possibilities.


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